We start CIM movement (Campus Integrity Movement) in order to help students be aware of their internal conscience calling and become active participants and practitioners of this movement. We hope students can build up a righteous and honest character so that they will become fresh force for a harmonious Chinese society after they step into society.
Three reasons and purpose
*To implement personality education :
Help fostering students' integrity is every school's basic education goal

*To foster professional ethics :
It is a significant task for us to teach graduating students how to work with integrity in the future. Through communication with YUST graduates, we learned that most students who have stepped into society are troubled by "integrity problems". Therefore, CIM movement is supposed to help students learn how to deal with future possible integrity problems.

*To fulfill YUST philosophy :
The establishment of YUST is not a copy of thousands of other universities in china. As a Chinese joint-venture university, we mean to be pioneer in Chinese education opening up process. At this point, Chinese government has shown us much solicitude and expectation. Carrying out CIM movement and constructing an integrity campus is a spectacular view for YUST. Moreover, integrity will become every YUST member's unique symbol.